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One of the preconfigured Lectern packages from theSTANDARDLine. Back view of the RackStandard Lectern showing Rack installation

Configuration example only. Keyboard,
mouse, touchpanel, microphone and
Cable Cubby® not included.

Back view of the RackStandard Lectern showing Rack installation









Styled to match our STANDARD Lectern, the STANDARD32+6 is identical in appearance to all other Lecterns from our STANDARDline, simplifiying the choice and selection of multiple lecterns with different configuration requirements.

TheSTANDARD32+6 features a hardwood veneer exterior. Desktop surface and interior components are furnished in a matte plastic laminate.

TheSTANDARD32+6 includes

  • Pull-out keyboard tray
  • Accessory pullout tray for document camera or other devices
  • Computer compartment
  • Single surface inclined desktop
  • Two adjustable shelves
  • Casters
Side and Back view of the +6 Back view of the  Lectern showing cut-out examples






TheSTANDARD32+6 moves easily over carpeted or hard floors on included furniture grade casters.

Image of a one, two, and three bay credenzas by Wilcox Woodworks, Inc.Standard32+6 with 2-piece desktop

Add option STD-32-TPD, Two Piece Desktop, to the STANDARD32+6
or any other STANDARDline Lectern.











The Two-Piece Desktop Option provides a flat desktop area and an inclined space for mounting displays, touch panels and contol devices. The inclined portion of the desktop opens to provide access for easy installation and maintenance. A keyed lock is included with the STD-32-TPD.

Overall dimensions of all STANDARDline Lecterns: 32"w x 23" deep x 47-1/2"h.

Download the Lectern Pricing sheet for current pricing. All STANDARDline products are available in four to six weeks.




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The STANDARD Line Furniture

A lectern (from the Latin lectus, past participle of legere, "to read") is a reading desk with a slanted top, usually placed on a stand or affixed to some other form of support, on which documents or books are placed as support for reading aloud, as in a scripture reading, lecture, or sermon. To facilitate eye-contact and improve posture when facing an audience, lecterns may have adjustable height and slant. People generally use lecterns while standing

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Lecturn Atop A Podium

A podium (plural podia) is a platform that is used to raise something to a short distance above its surroundings. It derives from the Greek πόδι (foot) In architecture a building can rest on a large podium. Podia can also be used to raise people, for instance the conductor of an orchestra stands on a podium as do many public speakers. Podium has also come to mean the object a speaker stands behind and sets papers or books upon even when it is at floor level, though the correct term for that item is lectern. The terms are not identical; one typically stands on a podium, but one typically stands behind a lectern.

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If our STANDARD Lecterns aren't quite what you had in mind, we can produce a CUSTOM for you. There are no limits to the possiblities!