the CREDENZA Image of a one, two, and three bay credenzas by Wilcox Woodworks, Inc.
The STANDARD Line of Credenzas
available in one, two or three bay

Wilcox Woodworks offers three catagories of Credenzas in our STANDARD line of Furniture. All three are available in one, two, or three bay configurations.

The STORAGE CREDENZA is basic commercial casework with solid backs, sides and dividing stiles and includes adjustable shelves.

The AV CREDENZA is the same solid construction as the STORAGE CREDENZA with the addition of cut-outs between bays for cable routing. The AV CREDENZA also features removable back panels and cut-outs at the back and bottom for cable routing and ventilation.

Wilcox single bay AV Rack Credenza by Wilcox Woodworks, Inc.
Single bay Credenza shown with
Cabinet Frame Rack.
CFR shown in red for clarity
The AV RACK CREDENZA is the same as our AV CREDENZA with the additional option of included metal racks in all or selected bays of the credenza. We use Middle Atlantic Products CFR Series racks for up to 14 RU of equipment space. Ventillation cut-outs are provided at the bottom and back of the casework.

TheMiddle Atlantic Products CFR Series Cabinet Frame rack is available in 16" , 18", and 20" usable depth versions. Rack height ranges from 8 to 14 RU. A runner kit is available for all units.


C5 FINISHING KIT for C5 Series Credenza Rack Frames

Wilcox single bay AV Rack Credenza by Wilcox Woodworks, Inc.
TYPE 2 - Three bay C5 Credenza

The C5 Series Credenza Rack Frame by Middle Atlantic Products is an excellent solution for the AV integrator. Use of the C5 Rack system greatly reduces field installation time. All of the advantages are posted on their website. It's a great product, we have a good deal of experience with it.

Middle Atlantic Products does offer Finishing Kits for their C5 Series Credenza Rack, with a wide range of finishes and styles..

Wilcox Woodworks provides custom Finish Kits for the C5 Series Credenza rack built to Middle Atlantic Products' specification. Your C5 Finishing Kit from Wilcox will match all other products, whether our STANDARD Line or any other CUSTOM produced by us, for your rooms.

Finishing Kits are available for 1, 2, and 3 bay C5 Frames, in both standard 27" and 31"deep models. Finishing Kits from Wilcox Woodworks for the C5 Rack Frame are provided with all required assembly hardware.

Wilcox single bay AV Rack Credenza by Wilcox Woodworks, Inc.

TYPE 8 -Three bay C5 Credenza
shown with optional Flip-Up Side Shelf.

Wilcox Woodworks can match any style, species, or finish.

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In addition to our STANDARDline product line, we are a full service architectural millwork provider. Design, production and installation of panel systems and trim for lobbies, elevators, and tenant build-outs. Wilcox Woodworks, Inc. offers Quality built commercial casework that is guaranteed to meet or exceed the specifications in your current or future projects.




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The Standard Line Furniture






FINISHING KIT for Middle Atlantic C5 Series Credenza Racks-see it here on YouTube



Three table shapes: Rectangle, Boat, and Trapezoid.

Our STANDARD Table offerings include three shapes, and choice of base configuration. All STANDARD Tables are available in the same finishes as all other STANDARD Line furniture.


STANDARD Line Tables are also available in any market available HPL finish.


The STANDARDLectern pprovides basic functionality, but can be upgraded with seven levels of options to meet most requirements for an AV Lectern

The RackStandardLectern takes it one step further, providing infrastructure for rack mounting

All STANDARDline models are identical in size and outward appearance.